Capital Combat Zone

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Capital Combat Zone

99 Farrell Road Brunswick NY 12182


Capital Combat Zone Inc has become one of the most sought after paintball destination throughout Rensselaer County. For all your recreational paintball needs, please consider us your ultimate destination in Troy, New York, and surrounding areas, as we have over 14 years’ experience providing exceptional playing arenas for paintballers interested in competitive battlefield scenarios, PSP speedball, and urban paintball. Our courses are equipped with various obstacles and coverage, offering players the opportunity to experience strategic battle against opponents.

Whether it’s your first time paintballing or your thousandth, we’re the best in the area and accommodate all skill levels. Consider us your leading choice for all your needs, including parties, weekend fun, company outings, and more. Our paintball fields are maintained and up to date for maximum enjoyment, so please check back regularly about our updates. Our playing fields are all overseen by trained referees, so you can rest assured everyone will abide by the rules and any situations that arise will be handled swiftly and professionally. As we always say, good sportsmanship is not an option, it’s mandatory. Any misconduct, including cheating or confrontation, will result in immediate ejection from the facility, so you can rest assured your games at Capital Combat Zone are professional, fun, and safe.

For more information, please contact Matthew Dinon, Field Manager at (518) 365-8624

Our facility is located at 99 Farrell Road, Brunswick, NY 12182

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